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Mexican (Travel) Insurance


Some people believe they can save a few dollars by purchasing those manual, handwritten policies at the Mexican border. That may be possible, but since we offer competitive choices from up to 5 different Mexican insurance companies, we don’t think it gives you the best choice for your Mexican automobile insurance. Importantly, our customers find the security in the fact their automobile insurance policy information is immediately available to claim professionals in Mexico is very comforting.

Traveling to Mexico by land or water?

For liability purposes, under Mexican law, you MUST have auto liability insurance specifically for Mexico provided by a Mexican insurance company that is authorized by Mexico’s National Insurance Commission. U.S. and Canadian auto insurance is NOT valid for liability accidents in Mexico. You must purchase auto liability insurance specifically for Mexico from an authorized Mexican auto insurance company.

Driving to your favorite fishing, camping, surfing spot or are you a Baja off-road race fan? Snowbird escaping the frozen tundra this winter? Traveling to Mexico City, Guadalajara, or the Yucatan? Or just crossing the border to Tijuana, Ciudad Juarez, or Monterrey for business ?  Don’t leave home without Mexican car insurance.

A vehicle accident in Mexico is a criminal affair. If you have an automobile accident and do not have at least Mexican auto liability insurance, by law the driver can go to jail and the vehicle can be impounded, no matter if it is a car, motorcycle or other vehicle.

Mexico liability insurance for:

  • Cars
  • SUVs, RVs,  Pickups and Travel Trailers,Semi-trailers
  • Motorcycles
  • Power Boats, Sailboats, Yachts, Jet Skis

Mexico Auto Insurance for your Mexico Trip

With LEN Insurance you have the ability to purchase Mexico auto insurance that best suits your needs. We offer policies on a daily basis or in six month or annual terms. The cost of your Mexico auto insurance policy is based on a number of factors, including:

  • Number of days in Mexico
  • Value of vehicle.
  • Liability Limits you choose.
  • Level of Travel, Legal and Roadside Assistance coverage you choose for Mexico.
  • Option to purchase “Fixed Deductibles”.
  • Option to purchase Vandalism and Partial Theft coverage.
  • Value of vehicle.
  • All Repairs and Claims can be settled in USA or Canada.

You have the option to purchase Mexico auto insurance directly online or by calling in to our team of licensed professionals who can assist you over the phone.

SUVs, RVs,   Pickups and Travel Trailers

If your recreation vehicle, motor home or travel trailer has a high value, your insurance premium may become rather expensive. You may want to check with your US insurance carrier about extending coverage for physical damage into Mexico. If your current insurer does not have insurance coverage for physical damage in Mexico, call our office we can provide you with numerous options from US Insurers who extend physical damage insurance coverage for Mexico for a very low premium. This option can translate into savings that can reach thousands of dollars off your RV insurance in Mexico!

To have insurance coverage in case you are towing something in Mexico, you must declare it on the Form/application . If you show the trailer, it will print on your Mexican auto insurance policy and thus prevent coverage being voided for failure to declare that you are towing.

If you are hauling motorcycles or a boat on a trailer, they too must be declared on the online Mexican auto insurance application to avoid the possibility of all coverage being voided in the event of an accident.

If you also want to cover your trailer for damage in an auto accident or for theft, simply include the value of the trailer in the space provided on the Mexican auto insurance Form.


We understand how important is your motorcycle for you, so we represent the best motorcycle insurance companies in the industry. We have chosen these motorcycle insurance companies based on the coverage they offer and their commitment to quality.

We know your time is valuable, that  is why we bring the quotes to you!  Complete our online application, you can receive motorcycle insurance quotes from the leading specialty motorcycle insurers including: Progressive, Arrowhead Group, Foremost and Pacific Specialty Insurance Company.

Power Boats, Sailboats, Yachts, Jet Skis.

Our insurance focus is on personal pleasure boats 26 feet and under, including jet skis, motor boats, yachts, runabouts, pontoons, fishing boats, bass boats, performance boats, ski boats and other personal and marine watercraft.

You can complete our online quote form and we will find the best Personal Watercraft and Motor Boat Insurance coverage value for your needs from several watercraft insurance underwriters including Arrowhead, Foremost, and Progressive. On our site, complete a single boat insurance quote request form and we bring you insurance quotes from the leading specialty watercraft and boat insurance companies.
Complete our online boat insurance quote application and let us do the insurance shopping for you!

To issue your Mexican auto liability policy online in just minutes, please have the following personal and automobile information handy:

  1. Drivers License #
  2. Vehicle Identification Number (from your vehicle Title or Registration)
  3. Vehicle license plate #
  4. Name of U.S. insurance company
  5. U.S. or Canadian auto insurance policy number, and
  6. A credit card

Use our Contact Form below, or send email to: We usually respond to email within 1-4 hours during business hours. At the latest, we will respond within 48 hours.

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